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Why 2022 Is The Year You Should Use Elementor

Elementor continues to grow every year by adding new tools and features that web designers and developers can use to create their WordPress websites.

If you’re looking to take your WordPress website to the next level, Elementor is definitely the WordPress website builder you should be using.

In this article, we will take is deep dive into what makes the Elementor website builder the must-have web-building tool, and by the end of this blog post, you will have a clear picture of why you should be using Elementor in 2022.

Elementor Website Builder

Elementor Website Builder Pic1

The Elementor website builder is a tool that is used to design and create WordPress websites without having to write a single line of code.

WordPress website builders are special tools or software that are used by website designers and developers to design, create and edit their websites without having to write a single line of code.

The Elementor website builder employs the drag and drop technique which is the process whereby an individual uses their mouse pointer to “grab” an object on the screen and drag it to a different location on their screen or onto another virtual object.

Elementor Live Editor3

This is a very efficient and beneficial process as it eliminates the process of having to write the boilerplate code thus saving time and speeding up the design and creation process.

Elementor is a complete web creation platform that comes with a plethora of tools and features that are meant to enable website designers and developers to create stunning, beautiful, and responsive WordPress websites!

Some of the tools that developers can use include:

  • Drag and Drop Live Editor
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Elementor widgets
  • Ecommerce Platform
  • Marketing Platform
  • Advanced Web Creation
  • Theme Builder
  • Elementor Website Kits

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor

Elementor Live Editor2

The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor enables designers and developers to build and customize every part of their website visually without having to write a single line of code.

Elementor’s live editor enables you to view your websites as you build them. This makes it easy to make edits to your website on the go and thus speeds up the creation process.

Elementor Website Builder Pic2

The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor comes with the following tools and functionalities that include:

  • The editor enables developers to customize everything and anything on your website easily and directly.
  • Drag and drop functionalities make the design process easier and faster.
  • Full site editing allows you to design your entire site from one screen, including your header, footer, and content.
  • The finder feature is a handy search window that lets you go from one place to another. This enables you to reach any Elementor page or setting page from wherever you like on your site.
  • The revision history feature lets you trace back to your previous steps in case an update was made, the autosave feature automatically saves your work while there are also redo and undo features that you can use with just one click.
  • The editor enables developers to create and save elements that they can then reuse within their existing page or on other pages. You also have the capability to import different elements or components from other sites to your site.
  • The global colors and fonts feature ensures consistency across your site by allowing you to set global colors and fonts from one place within the editor and apply them anywhere on your site.
  • The responsive design feature enables you to adjust your website’s style layout for every screen. You can customize breakpoints for desktop, mobile, tablet, and more.

Elementor Widgets

Elementor Live Editor Widgets1

Elementor widgets represent individual elements of a web page such as a heading, image, text editor, divider, and much more.

Elementor comes with 90+ widgets that can be divided into different categories that include:


Elementor widgets offer endless creation possibilities on your website that will enable you to create, design, and adjust elements on your WordPress websites.

Apart from the widgets offered by Elementor, developers can use a wide assortment of 3rd party widgets created by developers from around the world. Developers also have the option of creating their own custom widgets.

Users can use popular Elementor add-ons such as CrocoblockUltimate Addons for Elementor, and Essential Addons for Elementor which all work seamlessly with the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor.

Elementor Workflow

Elementor Workflow1

Workflow describes the different tasks and processes through which a piece of work passes from the initiation to its completion.

Elementor workflow is the process through which designers and developers initiate a website and see it to completion.

The Elementor website builder streamlines the web creation process by providing users with the right tools and features that they can use from the conceptual process all the way to the completion stage.

Elementor has some industry-leading tools and features that enhance the web creation process such as:

  • Full Site Management – Elementor lets users build, customize, and manage all their website’s essential content, easily from one place.
Elementor Workflow Global Settings
  • Global Design System – Elementor lets you control all colors and fonts globally by letting users set a style and adjust it across their entire site with just a single click.

Elementor Workflow Global Colors
  • Designer-Made Library – Elementor lets you kickstart your design process with designer-made templates.

Elementor Workflow Full Website Kits Workflow

Elementor Marketing Platform

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Builder3

Elementor’s Marketing Platform is a collection of engagement, conversion, and marketing performance tools and functionalities that compose the most comprehensive, cost-effective collection of WordPress marketing tools in any WordPress website builder.

Elementor offers the most comprehensive all-in-one package of engagement and conversion tools among WordPress builders.

The key features offered by the Elementor Marketing Platform include the following:

  • Landing page builder – The Elementor landing page builder is used to create high-converting landing pages for WordPress using beautiful, responsive templates, and the drag-and-drop live editor.

Elementor Marketing Platform Landing Page Builder1

  • Form Builder – The Elementor Form Builder is used to build eye-catching forms that grab visitors’ attention.

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Builder

  • Popup Builder – The Elementor Popup builder lets marketers capture their visitor’s attention with smart popups.

Elementor Marketing Platform Popup Builder 1

  • Marketing widgets
  • Marketing Kits – Elementor marketing kits are composed of over 100 designer-made website kits that are meant to fit any industry.

Elementor Marketing Platform Marketing Kits1

  • Local Lead Collection
  • Official 3rd Party Marketing Integrations – Elementor enables marketers and marketing agencies to seamlessly integrate leading marketing and CRM tools, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse, and engage with their customers on all fronts.

Elementor Marketing Platform Integration

Elementor Theme Builder

Elementor Workflow Theme Builder

The Elementor Theme Builder is used to control every aspect of your WordPress website. The Theme Builder is used to design your whole website from the header to the footer.

No section is off-limit when using the Elementor Theme Builder as it gives designers and developers maximum control of every essential part of their website.

Some of the essential parts that users can design and manage on their website include the following:

  • Header/Footer – Theme Builder lets users design their perfect header and footer with total creative freedom.
  • Single Page/Post – With Elementor Theme Builder, users can build templates that determine the layout of their website’s static pages and blog posts.
  • Archive – Elementor Theme Builder lets you define the main page for your blog posts or category pages of your online store.
  • Search Page – The Elementor Theme Builder lets users create unique search pages and help visitors easily find what they’re looking for.
  • 404 Page – With Theme Builder, users can get creative with their 404 pages and offer a better experience when their visitors get lost.
  • WooCommerce – Users can customize the layout of their online store with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder.

Elementor Ecommerce

Elementor Ecommerce Landing Page Builder

The Elementor website builder offers a complete platform to build the ultimate eCommerce website and provide your visitors with the ultimate shopping experience.

Designers and developers can use Elementor to create and customize every page of their online store to establish their brand’s identity.

Elementor offers full store customization for online stores that include:

  • Product Archive – Display all your products at once, or separate them by category for an easier viewing experience
  • Product Page – Showcase your products with all the information you need, from reviews to features and more.
  • Menu-Cart – Provide customers with a list of items in their cart without interrupting their shopping experience.
  • Cart Page – Optimize your cart design to simplify the purchasing process, leading to more sales.
  • Checkout Page – Unify your designs and create a cohesive experience that instills trust and leads to higher checkout results.
  • My Account – Provide customers with a seamless experience as they scroll through the My Account sections.

Elementor goes further by letting users personalize their store in their own way. Users can add any type of content to their e-commerce business, from an About Us page to their own blog.

Elementor comes with its own set of eCommerce widgets that gives developers and designers limitless design freedom.

Elementor Ecommerce Widgets

Elementor users can enjoy the ever-growing list of e-commerce widgets which will allow them to realize their store’s vision.

The other tools and features that Elementor provides users to create the ultimate eCommerce store include:

  • Landing Page Builder – Elementor comes with a landing page builder that developers can use to create stunning, beautiful, and intuitive landing pages that will assist vendors in converting customers.
  • Elementor Library – The Elementor library offers users a wide variety of eCommerce templates that they can customize and design to perfectly match their store’s look and feel.

Elementor Ecommerce Elementor Library

  • Popup Builder – The Elementor Popup builder lets users create stunning popups that catch their visitor’s attention. Users can use popups for various activities such as sales announcements, offers coupons, or product launches.

Elementor Marketing Platform Popup Builder 2

Elementor Advanced Web Creation

Elementor Workflow Advanced Global Features

Elementor advanced web creation lets website developers and designers take full control of their web creation process.

Elementor comes with advanced features that will elevate any WordPress website which include:

  • Dynamic Layouts – With Elementor, developers can create one layout to use across multiple pages, such as all their product pages, blog posts, and much more.
  • Personalized User Experience – Elementor let web designers and developers design personalized experiences with dynamic user fields.
  • Custom CSS – Elementor lets developers add custom CSS to manipulate the appearance and behavior of any section on their website.
  • Custom Code – With Elementor, developers can implement third-party tools like Google Analytics or meta tags. They can even go further by writing snippets in PHP.
  • Typography – Elementor users can upload their own fonts or connect Adobe Fonts to achieve total brand consistency.
  • Customize Breakpoints – With Elementor, developers can use breakpoints to get the perfect design for any device.
  • Icons – Developers can access 1500+ Font Awesome 5 icons as well as integrate with other icon generators, or upload their own.
  • Advanced Animation Effects – Website designers and developers can use the Elementor website builder to create advanced animation effects such as scrolling effects, mouse effects, Lottie animations, transform on hover, and much more.

Elementor Website Kits

Elementor Workflow Full Website Kits Workflow

Elementor Website Kits is composed of a large variety of fully designed and ready-to-use websites, single pages, and page elements that users can customize to fit the website of their choice.

Elementor Website Kits allows users to build entire websites in a few clicks.

When using the Elementor Website Kits, users can export and import their own creations, implement them on other projects, and create a new website in an instant!

Some of the features that come with Elementor Website Kits include the following:

  • Page Blocks – Users can select pre-designed page sections and customize them to perfectly match their website.
  • Pages – Users can choose fully designed pages for their website and modify them to look exactly the way want.
  • Website Kits – Elementor provides designer-built website kits that include all the pages users need that are tailored to their industry.
  • Landing Pages – Users can browse the library of landing page templates to find the right fit for their website.
  • Popups – Users can choose from a variety of customizable popups to meet their website needs and style.
  • My Templates – Elementor users can customize the templates they choose or build one from scratch and save them for their next project.

Elementor Integrations and Addons

Elementor Marketing Platform Integration

The Elementor website builder is built to integrate seamlessly with the best and most popular WordPress plugins and add-ons.

Website designers and developers can integrate Elementor with any plugin of their choice that in turn adds extra functionality to their website.

Some of the most popular Elementor integrations used by developers range from marketing and CRM tools such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit HubSpot, Slack, Google Maps API, and much more.

Elementor Pricing

Having discussed what Elementor is all about and the top features that make this page builder the most popular among WordPress web developers, the question that every developer has at this point are what are the different subscription plans that Elementor offers?

Elementor versions can be divided into two:

  • Elementor Free.
  • Elementor Pro.

Elementor Free is basically free and anyone can simply download the plugin in WordPress and get started. Elementor Pro on the other hand offers users different pricing plans.

The difference between the Free and the Pro plans basically comes down to the features offered. Elementor Free offers the following features:

  • Drag and Drop Editor.
  • Responsive Editing.
  • 40+ Basic Widgets.
  • 30+ Basic templates.

Elementor Pro on the other includes all the features in the Free plan and offers a load of features which include:

  •  50+ Pro Widgets
  •  300+ Pro Templates
  •  10+ Full Website Template Kits
  •  Theme Builder
  •  Form Builder
  •  WooCommerce Builder
  •  Popup Builder
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Design 404 pages,
  • and many more.

Elementor Pro offers four different pricing plans that include the following:

  • Essential Plan – $59/year, 1 Pro Website
  • Advanced Plan – $99/year, 3 Pro Websites
  • Expert Plan – $199/year, 25 Pro Websites
  • Agency Plan – $399/year, 1000 Pro Websites

Elementor accepts different payment models such as Stripe, Paypal, and any other credit cards. So you can feel free to use whichever payment method you are comfortable with.

Elementor Pros and Cons


  • Drag and Drop live editor that lets you build WordPress websites in minutes.
  • Live editor that lets developers view their design in real-time.
  • Ecommerce builder that lets you design and create a complete eCommerce online store in no time
  • Marketing platform that provides all the marketing tools and features that will make your website stand out.
  • Elementor website Kits let developers jump-start their website by providing a large array of templates that cover various industries.
  • Elementor widgets provide users with endless design possibilities.
  • Elementor’s advanced website creation gives developers complete control over the web design process.
  • Elementor has a large developer community which means large community support.
  • Elementor offers a free version of the website builder.


  • Some of the Elementor Pro pricing plans may be too steep for some users.
  • Elementor Free is limited in the tools and features when compared to Elementor Pro.
  • For more advanced tools and features, developers have to upgrade to Elementor Pro.


Elementor is a great website builder that only continues to grow every year.

With all the features and tools that come with this amazing website builder, it is no surprise that Elementor has over 9 million+ active installs!

The Elementor team is constantly working to make Elementor the best website builder for WordPress websites. And with a large number of installs, you will have a large support community.

If you’re looking to take your WordPress website or websites to the next level, Elementor is the right website builder for you that will enable you to create the most stunning and responsive WordPress websites.

To get started with Elementor today, click here!

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