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Crocoblock JetBlocks: The Ultimate Guide

Crocoblock JetBlocks are part of the JetPlugins family, composed of a dozen plugins that provide a tonne of functionalities that designers and developers can use when developing their WordPress websites.

Crocoblock JetBlocks is an Elementor addon that provides header and footer blocks for your web pages.

This article will into the Crocoblock JetBlocks plugin by looking at all the main widgets it comes with, the top features and functionalities it provides, and much more.

Crocoblock JetBlocks

Crocoblock Jet Blocks Sample 5

Crocoblock JetBlocks is a plugin that provides header and footer blocks that can be used to create headers and footers on your web pages. JetBlocks works seamlessly with the Elementor website builder and this allows designers and developers to create stunning website headers and footers.

The Crocoblock JetBlocks plugins are part of the JetPlugins which are comprised of numerous plugins that provide different functionalities for your website. The Crocoblock addon is one of the most popular Elementor addons used today by designers and developers in their web creation process. JetPlugins comes with plugins that are widely used and loved within the WordPress community like the JetElements plugin.

JetBlocks plugin has a bunch of widgets that can be used to create the headers and footer blocks that you will need in your web pages.

JetBlocks Widgets

Crocoblock Jet Blocks

Crocoblock JetBlocks comes with 9 highly functional widgets that are perfect for enriching headers and footers with content.

Crocoblock JetBlocks widgets include the following:

  • Shopping Cart Icon Widget – The Shopping Cart widget will add a cart to the website’s header or footer and change its appearance according to your need.
JetBlocks Shopping Cart Icon Widget
Crocoblock Jet Blocks Shopping Cart Widget

  • Registration Form Widget – This widget lets you style up the form in your website to register people on whichever device they use with a stunning as well as easily gripped design.
JetBlocks Registration Form Widget

  • Auth Links Widget – This widget is used to provide an easy way to authorize visitors to your website using links that are always in plain sight.
JetBlocks Auth Links Widget

  • Hamburger Panel – This widget is used to add a stylish hamburger panel to pages built with the Elementor website builder to make access to the needed template easier.
JetBlocks Hamburger Panel Widget
Crocoblock Jet Blocks Hamburger Panel Widget

  • Login Widget – The Login widget lets you add and customize login forms to your pages built with Elementor.
JetBlocks Login Widget

  • Search Widget – The Search widget allows your visitors to find the needed information easily by adding your search tool on your website header or footer.
JetBlocks Search Widget
JetBlocks Search Widget

  • Navigation Menu Widget – This widget is used to provide great accessibility throughout your site with the dropdown menu to make it easy to browse through various pages from any place.
JetBlocks Navigation Menu Widget
JetBlocks Navigation Menu Widget

  • Breadcrumbs – The breadcrumb widget lets you show your customer the trail tracks as well as each viewed page to display a hierarchy of the current page in relation to the whole structure of the site.
JetBlocks Add Breadcrumbs to Your Elementor Website Widget
Crocoblock Jet Blocks Breadcrumbs Widget

  • Change Site Logo – This widget lets you add a site logo in the textual or visual form to the headers and footers of the website’s pages to create a unique and memorable image of your company for clients.
JetBlocks Change Site Logo Widget
Crocoblock Jet Blocks Site Logo

Crocoblock JetBlocks Pricing

Crocoblock JetBlocks is available in two pricing plans. You can purchase JetBlocks as a stand-alone JetPlugin for $19 per year. You can also get JetBlocks in the Crocoblock All-Inclusive set for $130 per year. Crocoblock offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

JetBlocks Pricing Plans

The Pros and Cons of Crocoblock JetBlocks


  • Works seamlessly with Elementor website builder
  • Continuous updates
  • Large developer community


  • Works only with the Elementor website builder
  • There’s no free version
  • Some pricing plans might be a bit too pricey


Crocoblock JetBlocks is a really great Elementor plugin that you can use to style content on the headers and footers of your WordPress website. JetBlocks offers designers and developers really great tools to work with during their design and creation process.

Crocoblock JetPlugins, which JetBlocks is a part of, offers users continuous updates and so users of JetBlocks should always be up to date with the latest features.

If you do decide to use JetBlocks, you will without a doubt have a great header and footer content plugin that has a great support team and a great community behind it!

You can get started with JetBlocks by clicking here!

To get started with Elementor Pro website builder, you can click here!

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