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Elementor Workflow: Everything You Need To Know

Elementor workflow is the process that enables designers and developers to create stunning and beautiful WordPress websites from start to finish.

Elementor comes with some of the best tools and features that designers and developers can use to enhance their website-building process.

This blog will take a look at all the top tools and features that enhance the workflow process, the different tools available in Elementor Free and Elementor Pro that designers, developers, and agencies can use, the pros and cons, and much more.

Elementor Workflow

Elementor Workflow Full Website Kits

Workflow describes the different tasks and processes through which a piece of work passes from the initiation to its completion.

Elementor workflow is the process through which designers and developers initiate a website and see it to completion.

The Elementor website builder streamlines the web creation process by providing users with the right tools and features that they can use from the conceptual process all the way to the completion stage.

Elementor has some industry-leading tools and features that enhance the web creation process such as:

  • Full Site Management – Elementor lets users build, customize, and manage all their website’s essential content, easily from one place.
  • Global Design System – Elementor lets you control all colors and fonts globally by letting users set a style and adjust it across their entire site with just a single click.
  • Designer-Made Library – Elementor lets you kickstart your design process with designer-made templates.

Elementor Workflow Global Site Settings

Elementor’s global site settings are used to build and manage your website’s design system.

Users of the Elementor website builder can speed up their workflow and ensure consistency across their site with settings they can define once, define globally, and change at anytime all without having to write a single line of code.

Some of the site features that users can apply global settings on include:

  • Colors and fonts
  • Theme styles
  • Site Identity
  • Lightbox
  • Layout

Elementor Panel Design System

Elementor Workflow Design System

Users can control all global elements of their site from one convenient place. Elementor allows designers and developers to control settings like site identity, lightbox settings, layout, and theme styles.

Elementor Global Colors

Elementor Workflow Global Colors

With Elementor, users can save as many color options as they want, access them from any element on their site, and change them globally with one click.

Elementor Global Text Styles

Elementor Workflow Global Text Styles

Elementor enables users to set the global text styles for their entire site. Users can choose the right fonts for their site and easily use them anywhere. Users can set things like titles, paragraphs, and even button text.

Elementor Advanced Global Features

Elementor Workflow Advanced Global Features

Elementor gives users more control over their site’s behavior and functionality with Theme Style and additional settings such as:

  • Image settings
  • Custom CSS
  • Buttons
  • Form fields

Elementor Theme Builder

Elementor Workflow Theme Builder

The Elementor Theme Builder is used to control every aspect of your WordPress website. The Theme Builder is used to design your whole website from the header to the footer.

No section is off-limit when using the Elementor Theme Builder as it gives designers and developers maximum control of every essential part of their website.

Some of the essential parts that users can design and manage on their website include the following:

  • Header/Footer – Theme Builder lets users design their perfect header and footer with total creative freedom.
  • Single Page/Post – With Elementor Theme Builder, users can build templates that determine the layout of their website’s static pages and blog posts.
  • Archive – Elementor Theme Builder lets you define the main page for your blog posts or category pages of your online store.
  • Search Page – The Elementor Theme Builder lets users create unique search pages and help visitors easily find what they’re looking for.
  • 404 Page – With Theme Builder, users can get creative with their 404 pages and offer a better experience when their visitors get lost.
  • WooCommerce – Users can customize the layout of their online store with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder.

Elementor Template Library

Elementor Workflow Website Templates1

The Elementor Library has hundreds of designer-made pre-built templates that designers and developers can choose from and get started on their ideal website within minutes!

Users can choose from headers and footers to entire website templates.

Elementor makes it easy for users to customize everything to fit perfectly within their vision.

The different Elementor library categories include:

  • Blog
  • Business and Services
  • Ecommerce
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Wellness
  • Music and Brands
  • Portfolio and CV
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Technology
  • Travel and Tourism

Elementor Website Kits

Elementor Workflow Full Website Kits Workflow

Elementor Website Kits is composed of a large variety of fully designed and ready-to-use websites, single pages, and page elements that users can customize to fit the website of their choice.

Elementor Website Kits allows users to build entire websites in a few clicks.

When using the Elementor Website Kits, users can export and import their own creations, implement them on other projects, and create a new website in an instant!

Some of the features that come with Elementor Website Kits include the following:

  • Page Blocks – Users can select pre-designed page sections and customize them to perfectly match their website.
  • Pages – Users can choose fully designed pages for their website and modify them to look exactly the way they want.
  • Website Kits – Elementor provides designer-built website kits that include all the pages users need that are tailored to their industry.
  • Landing Pages – Users can browse the library of landing page templates to find the right fit for their website.
  • Popups – Users can choose from a variety of customizable popups to meet their website needs and style.
  • My Templates – Elementor users can customize the templates they choose or build one from scratch and save them for their next project.

Elementor Workflow Smart Solutions


Elementor offers users smart solutions by giving them features that save them time on everyday tasks so they can focus on their main work.

Some of the smart solutions offered by Elementor include the following:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Elementor provides its users with shortcuts to help them find the right tools and functionalities to speed up their work.
  • Dark Code – Elementor comes in a dark mode which lets users rest their eyes and work more efficiently in dark environments.
  • Undo/Redo – Elementor allows the undoing of actions on your website.
  • Right Click Menu – With Elementor, users can find more options for any element on their website with a right click.
  • Revision History – Elementor lets users save their page creation process and re-trace it whenever they need.
  • Auto Save – When you use Elementor, your project is continuously saved and backed up.
  • Navigate – Elementor allows users to easily locate and re-order all of your page layers and elements.
  • Copy/Paste – With Elementor, users copy and paste the entire styling from any widget, column, or a section.

Elementor Workflow Widgets

Elementor Workflow Widgets

One of the most defining factors of the Elementor website builder is the Elementor widgets.

Widgets represent individual elements of a web page such as headings, images, text, editors, and much more.

Designers and developers can use a wide variety of Elementor widgets to create some of the most beautiful and responsive WordPress websites.


Elementor offers a wide array of widgets which in turn offer advanced design customization so that developers can get the results they desire without having to install any additional WordPress plugins.

The widgets offered vary depending on the Elementor package you may choose. There are the Basic widgets that can be found in the free version and then there are the Pro widgetsTheme Widgets, and WooCommerce widgets that can be found with Elementor Pro.

To know more about the different tools and features that come with Elementor Free and Elementor Pro, you can read more about the differences between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro.

Elementor Workflow Pros and Cons


  • Ability to set global settings for your website.
  • Users have full site management.
  • Access to Elementor Theme Builder.
  • Access to Elementor Website Kits.
  • Elementor smart solutions make the website creation process faster and easier.
  • Elementor widgets take your web creation process to new levels.
  • Continuous feature updates.


  • Not all features are available in the Elementor Free version.
  • To get more features, users have to upgrade to Elementor Pro.
  • The pricing of some Elementor Pro plans may be too steep.


The Elementor workflow makes it easy and efficient for users to create their ultimate WordPress website.

Elementor workflow enhances the overall website-building process for designers, developers, and even agencies by taking their overall experience to the next level.

Elementor users will know that the Elementor team is constantly working hard to improve this amazing website builder by providing updates!

Elementor also offers a great support team that is always ready to support users at any time!

To get started with Elementor, click here!

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