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Crocoblock JetAppointment: Everything You Need To Know

Crocoblock JetAppointment plugin is a modern WordPress appointment plugin that website designers and developers can use when looking to implement appointment features on their websites.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Crocoblock JetAppointment plugin by looking at the top tools and features it offers, the pros and cons of using this plugin, pricing, and much more.

Crocoblock JetAppointment

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Crocoblock JetAppoinment is an appointment plugin that is meant to be used with the Elementor website builder when creating appointment websites or implementing appointment features on WordPress websites.

JetAppointment makes up one of the major Jetplugins that is made by Crocoblock that is also composed of other popular plugins such as JetElements, JetEngine, JetBlocks, JetSmartfilters, and much more.

WordPress website designers and developers can use the JetAppointment plugin to provide appointment services and features to their visitors.

Appointments are one of the most important features that websites can offer to users and online appointments only continue to grow every year.

It is therefore critical that when implementing appointment features and services on your WordPress website, you choose a reliable appointment plugin.

By using the JetAppointment plugin with Elementor, developers will also be able to create their website or websites much faster while taking advantage of Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor to view their website in real-time when implementing the JetAppointment plugin on their website.

Crocoblock JetAppoitnment Hourly Services

Crocoblock JetAppointment Hourly Services Booking

Crocoblock JetApointment enables developers to set hourly booking services on their websites.

Hourly booking services are one of the most popular appointment services that are used by website visitors.

Hourly bookings are mainly used in the service industry and are critical for businesses as it allows them to capture customers and plan ahead.

Crocoblock JetAppoitment can also be used with the Crocoblock JetBooking plugin which is an Elementor booking plugin.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Installation Routine

Crocoblock JetAppointment Installation Routine

JetAppointment users get to enjoy a guided wizard for their installation routine. The Crocoblock team has arranged the steps to be easy when installing JetAppoitnment on your website.

The steps users can take when installing JetAppointment on their WordPress website include:

  1. Choosing services and providers CPT
  2. Setting up required and custom DB columns
  3. Indicating working hours and days off
  4. Configuring additional settings
  5. Completing the setup and open settings

Crocoblock JetAppointment Must-Have Features

Crocoblock JetAppointment Appointment Setup

Crocoblock JetAppointment comes with must-have features for every appointment plugin.

By using JetAppointment, users can add all the vital appointment details such as:

  • Days off – Users can add holidays and rest days to a schedule.
  • Set working hours – Users can adjust the default schedule for all of the services in one place. They can later edit it if needed.
  • Support for multiple services – JetAppointment allows users to add all the different services that they provide by configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.
  • Customize calendar labels – JetAppointment allows users to activate the Use Custom Labels option to easily change default weekdays and month labels.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Advanced Options

Crocoblock JetAppointment Advanced Options

Crocoblock’s JetAppointment plugin offers web designers and developers advanced appointment features that they can incorporate within their websites.

Some of the advanced appointment features offered by the JetAppointment plugin include:

  • Buffer Time – Arrange the buffer time before/after the service sessions.
  • Minimum time required before booking – JetAppointment lets users define the time before a slot to avoid last-minute bookings when visitors can submit the appointment.
  • Full appointment details – By using the JetAppointment plugin, users can find all the payment information in the special settings columns.
  • Use single forms – JetAppointment lets developers create single pages for services where the current service is set by default and obtain the appointment functionality in a simple way.
  • Capacity – Users can set the maximum capacity per any given service and embed the data in the time slot within their Booking Calendar.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Appointments Management

Crocoblock JetAppointment Appointment Dashboard

The JetAppointment plugin lets users manage their appointments by providing a clean dashboard that provides an overall view of all the appointments within their website or websites.

The main features provided by the dashboard include the following:

  • Adding and editing appointments – By using the JetAppointment dashboard, website owners can view the essentials on every scheduled appointment, add new ones, edit their data, and delete them if necessary.
  • Appointment filtering and search – JetAppointment enables website owners to filter their requests by Service,  Provider, and Status. Users can also search for appointments by Date and meta fields.
  • Different schedule layouts – The JetAppointment plugin lets users visualize the schedule as they please – decide between the JetAppointment’s List, Calendar, and Timeline views.
  • Multi Booking – JetAppointment enables booking several appointments at different times and on different days.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Appointment Booking Forms

Crocoblock JetAppointment Appointment Booking Forms

The Crocoblock JetAppointment plugin lets website developers create and configure appointment booking forms.

JetAppointment lets users extend the functionality of their forms by combining the power of JetAppoitment with that of the JetEngine plugin that comes with its own form builder for developing simple or complex dynamic forms with the Elementor page builder.

JetAppointment provides a large array of appointment booking forms features that include the following:

  • Appointment Layouts – JetAppointment lets users display the appointments as a self-explanatory listing. Developers can use the Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widgets to output the essential details.
  • 12 field types – With JetAppointment, users can mix, match, and configure any field types, and use manual input and dynamic meta-contents to build a workable form.
  • Smart notifications – JetAppointment lets you set up the requested notification types like Insert appointment, Redirect to Page, Send Email, etc. to ensure the services are booked smoothly.
  • Single-page booking – JetAppointment lets the website’s clients book the services they need right from the Provider’s single page.
  • Custom templates – JetAppointment lets users tune the front-end display of the available providers and services by creating and applying templates to the Provider/Service fields.
  • Page breakers – This feature can be used to separate the Form blocks on the Appointments page.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Pricing

Crocoblock JetAppointment is available in two pricing plans. You can purchase JetAppointment as a stand-alone JetPlugin for $19 per year. You can also get JetAppointment in the Crocoblock All-Inclusive set for $130 per year. Crocoblock offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Crocoblock JetAppointment Pricing Plans

Crocoblock JetAppintment Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Compatible with the Elementor page builder.
  • Easy installation routine.
  • Top-notch tools and features.
  • Clean dashboard for easy appointment management.
  • Allows WooCommerce integration with different payment services.


  • Works only with Elementor website builder and Gutenberg
  • There’s no free version
  • Some pricing plans might be a bit too pricey


Crocoblock JetAppointment is a great Elementor plugin. JetAppointment comes with all the necessary tools and features needed to create stunning and responsive appointment features for your WordPress website.

JetAppointment will enable designers and developers to create some of the simplest to the most advanced appointment websites.

If you do decide to use JetAppointment, you will without a doubt have a great Elementor addon that has a great support team and a great community behind it!

To get started with the Crocoblock JetAppointment plugin, click here!

To get the Elementor Pro website builder, click here!

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