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Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor: The Ultimate Guide

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor is the main defining feature of the Elementor website builder.

The Elementor website builder is used by designers and developers to create WordPress websites and the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor makes the whole process fast and easy.

This blog will be a complete in-depth look at the Elemetor drag-and-drop live editor where we’ll see the top features and tools that come with the live editor, the pros and cons that come with using the drag-and-drop live editor, and much more.

Elementor Drag And Drop Live Editor


The Elementor website builder has grown to become the most popular WordPress website builder and there are numerous reasons why designers and developers should be using this amazing web design tool.

The drag-and-drop live editor is the defining feature of the Elementor website builder.

Elementor enables developers to create websites by employing the drag-and-drop technique. The drag and drop technique is the process whereby an individual uses their mouse pointer to “grab” an object on the screen and drag it to a different location on their screen or onto another virtual object.

This process enhances the web development experience and speeds up the creation process by eliminating the traditional way of having to write boilerplate code.

The Elementor drag-and-drop editor comes with tools and features that make it stand out. These features include:

  • Live Editing
  • Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Powerful Assets

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor

Elementor Live Editor

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor enables designers and developers to build and customize every part of their website visually without having to write a single line of code.

The live editor enables you to view your websites as you build them. This makes it easy to make edits to your website on the go and thus speeds up the creation process.

The Elementor editor comes with widgets that you can use to create different components within your website.

The Elementor live editor comes with the following tools and functionalities that include:

  • The editor enables developers to customize everything and anything on your website easily and directly.
  • Drag and drop functionalities make the design process easier and faster.
  • Full site editing allows you to design your entire site from one screen, including your header, footer, and content.
  • The finder feature is a handy search window that lets you go from one place to another. This enables you to reach any Elementor page or setting page from wherever you like on your site.
  • The revision history feature lets you trace back to your previous steps in case an update was made, the autosave feature automatically saves your work while there are also redo and undo features that you can use with just one click.
  • The editor enables developers to create and save elements that they can then reuse within their existing page or on other pages. You also have the capability to import different elements or components from other sites to your site.
  • The global colors and fonts feature ensures consistency across your site by allowing you to set global colors and fonts from one place within the editor and apply them anywhere on your site.
  • The responsive design feature enables you to adjust your website’s style layout for every screen. You can customize breakpoints for desktop, mobile, tablet, and more.

Elementor Responsive Design

The Elementor live editor enables developers to implement responsive design on their websites. The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor allows you to adjust your website’s style and layout for every screen size.

You can use the drag-and-drop live editor to customize breakpoints for:

  • Desktops Responsive Design
Elementor Desktop Responsive Design

  • Mobile Reponsive Design
Elementor Mobile Responsive Design

  • Tablet Responsive Design
Elementor Tablet Responsive Design

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor Pixel-Perfect Designs

The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor lets you create your dream website with responsive design, custom positioning for all site elements, and global fonts and colors.

Custom Positioning

Elementor Custom Positioning

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor lets users position elements perfectly within their websites. With the drag-and-drop editor, you get full flexibility over your layouts and go off-grid with Fixed or Absolute Position.

Global Colors and Typography

Elementor Global Colors & Typography

By using the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor, you can ensure there’s consistency across your website by setting color codes and typographies, all in one place.

Margins and Padding

Elementor Margins & Padding

The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor lets you seamlessly adjust your margins and padding. You can go as far as creating complex layouts with overlapping sections, and much more.

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor Widgets

Elementor Live Editor Widgets1

One of the most defining features of the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor is the widgets contained within the editor itself.

Widgets represent individual elements of a web page such as a heading, image, text editor, divider, and much more.

Elementor comes with 90+ widgets that can be divided into different categories that include:

Elementor widgets offer endless creation possibilities on your website that will enable you to create, design, and adjust elements on web pages.

Developers also have the freedom to use third-party plugins and addons that provide more widgets that offer extra functionalities!

Elementor Live Editor Widgets2

Users can use popular Elementor add-ons such as Crocoblock, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and Essential Addons for Elementor which all work seamlessly with the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor.

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor Advanced Features

Elementor Live Editor Advanced Features

One of the main advantages of using the Elementor website builder is that it is open-source which means you have full access to the Elementor source code.

You can create advanced web pages with custom CSS and expand Elementor’s capabilities while using the live editor to view all your customized pages.

You can also elevate your web creations using special features such as Dynamic Content, Motion Effects, Custom Styles, and much more!

Elementor Pic2

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor Workflow

Elementor Live Editor Workflow

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor lets users centralize their entire design process. You can build, customize, and manage all your website’s essential content, easily from one place.

By using the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor, your web creation workflow comes with a global design system. You can control colors and fonts globally and see the results in real time through the live editor. You can easily set a style and adjust it across your entire site with just one click.

Elementor also comes with website kits which are designer-made templates that designers and developers can use to quickly jump-start their websites. You can use the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor with the website kits to create websites that you can view in real time by using the live editor.

Elementor Pic4

Elementor Drag and Drop Live Editor Pros and Cons


  • The use of the drag-and-drop technique makes the web design process easier and faster.
  • The use of drag and drop technique means no hard coding is involved.
  • Live editing enhances the web development process.
  • Full web page customization.
  • Global colors and font features ensure consistency across your website.
  • Full responsive design ensures screen layouts for all devices.


  • For more advanced features, users have to upgrade to the Elementor pro version.


The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor is a fantastic feature that designers and developers can use to build some of the most stunning and responsive WordPress websites!

The drag-and-drop live editor will greatly enhance your website-building experience and take your websites to the next level!

If you do decide to use Elementor as your preferred website builder, you will without a doubt be using a great web design tool that also has a large community of developers who use it.

To get started with the Elementor website builder, click here!

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