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Elementor Marketing Platform: Everything You Need To Know

Elementor Marketing Platform is comprised of a set of tools and features geared towards marketers and agencies with marketing tasks.

The Elementor marketing platform is one of the main features that makes the Elementor website builder stand out from the competition.

This blog post will be a thorough review of the Elementor marketing platform where we will look at the top tools and features it comes with, the pro and cons of using this marketing platform, and much more.

Elementor Marketing Platform

Elementor Marketing Platform Landing Page Builder3

Elementor’s Marketing Platform is a collection of engagement, conversion, and marketing performance tools and functionalities that compose the most comprehensive, cost-effective collection of WordPress marketing tools in any WordPress website builder.

Over the past several years, Elementor has continued to offer tools and features for marketing tasks and marketers.

Today, Elementor offers the most comprehensive all-in-one package of engagement and conversion tools among WordPress builders.

The key features offered by the Elementor Marketing Platform include the following:

  • Landing page builder
  • Form Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Marketing widgets
  • Marketing Kits
  • Local Lead Collection
  • Official 3rd Party Marketing Integrations

Elementor Landing Page Builder

Elementor Marketing Platform Landing Page Builder1

The Elementor landing page builder is used to create high-converting landing pages for WordPress using beautiful, responsive templates, and the drag-and-drop live editor.

Elementor’s industry-leading drag-and-drop live editor lets marketers design and create their next high-converting landing pages in a complete visual canvas, with zero coding required.

The Elementor landing page builder lets marketers streamline their projects by providing one powerful platform that lets creators build unlimited landing pages and easily manage them.

Elementor Marketing Platform Landing Page Builder2

When using the Elementor landing page builder, marketers can choose from a variety of high-converting, fully responsive landing page templates.

Elementor’s designer-made templates can be used by marketers to grow their audience, promote a new product line, run a giveaway, and much more.

Marketers and marketing agencies can also easily add custom forms to their landing pages. This lets them collect leads, grow their email lists, register participants for events, and much more.

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Builder

Marketers and marketing agencies can add engaging custom forms to their popups that they can then use to collect the information they need using 20 dedicated form fields. They can then automatically store all the information they collect in Elementor.

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Submission

The Elementor landing page builder also enables marketers and marketing agencies to seamlessly integrate leading marketing and CRM tools, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse, and engage with their customers on all fronts.

Elementor Marketing Platform Integration

Elementor users can also harness the power of analytics on their websites. Marketers can connect Elementor with analytics & optimization tools, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Optimizely, and more. This in turn enables them to track and gain insights into their visitors’ behavior and optimize conversions and ROI.

Elementor landing page builder lets marketers and marketing agencies boost conversions with personalized experiences. Marketers can use their data to target visitors with relevant, fully customized content.

Elementor Form Builder

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Builder1

The Elementor Form Builder is used to build eye-catching forms that grab visitors’ attention. Elementor users can create an unlimited number of forms, add the fields they need, and customize them to perfectly fit their page all while using the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor.

Marketers can create forms for new leads, newsletter subscriptions, customer feedback, user surveys, event registrations, job applications, and more.

Elementor Marketing Platform Form Builder2

The Elementor Marketing Platform lets marketers take the submission process further by letting them decide what happens after their visitor hits “Submit”. Marketers can decide to send an email notification to their visitor’s inboxes, redirect them to a thank you page or their website, display an engaging popup, and more.

When using the Elementor Form Builder, marketers are able to collect information and store it directly in their Elementor account or integrate their favorite marketing and CRM tools.

Elementor Popup Builder

Elementor Marketing Platform Popup Builder 1

Elementor’s Popup builder lets marketers capture their visitor’s attention with smart popups.

Marketers and marketing agencies can engage their audience with stunning and designer-made popups.

Marketers can create custom popups with zero coding required by using Elementor’s leading drag-and-drop live editor. They can choose from a variety of designer-made templates and have complete control over when and where they’re displayed.

The Elementor Popup builder gives users full customization by letting them match their popups to the design of their WordPress website. Marketers can define colors and fonts, add content, set entrance/exit animations, and much more.

Elementor Marketing Platform Popup Builder 2

Elementor comes with dozens of designer-made popup templates for various categories such as:

  • Lead Capture
  • Email Subscription
  • Promotion/Sales
  • Welcome Back/Login
  • Content Lock
  • Exit Intent
  • Announcements
  • Welcome Mat
  • Related Products/Upsell

Timing is everything, and with the Elementor Popup builder, marketers can choose where to include their popups. Marketers can decide whether they want their popup to be displayed across your entire website or exclude it from specific pages.

The Elementor Popup builder can also let marketers convert leads on the spot with Elementor’s custom forms, built-in form submissions, and integrations.

Elementor Marketing Kits

Elementor Marketing Platform Marketing Kits1

Elementor marketing kits are composed of over 100 designer-made website kits that are meant to fit any industry.

Marketers and marketing agencies can choose from a variety of designer-made landing pages, popups, website pages, and page blocks, built for every marketing need.

The Elementor marketing kits are meant to enable marketers to kick-start their marketing websites in minutes and customize them according to their needs.

Elementor Marketing Platform Pros and Cons


  • Creating, maintaining, and updating your website and marketing assets is easier than ever with the all-in-one package Elementor offers. 
  • Turn visitors into customers by visually crafting engaging landing pages.
  • Replace a long list of plugins and tools with Elementor Pro, saving time, money, and precious attention. 
  • Elementor seamlessly lets marketers integrate with best-in-market CRMs, marketing integrations, and third-party tools. 
  • Elementor lets marketers boost page engagement with a huge selection of popups triggered in key moments along the user’s journey.
  • Elementor marketing platform lets marketers develop lasting ROI-positive relationships with customers using contact forms, sign-up forms, newsletter subscription forms, and even complex multistep user surveys.
  • Elementor marketing platform lets marketers convert website visitors with a selection of performance-oriented widgets – CTA, Testimonial carousel, Sale Countdown, and many more. 
  • By using Elementor, marketers get to join the huge Elementor developer community which means enjoying tons of tutorials and useful materials, community support, and a stable platform on which to build a future.


  • Most of the marketing features are available with Elementor Pro only.
  • Some Elementor Pro pricing plans may be too pricey for some users.


The Elementor Marketing Platform is a great tool for marketers and marketing agencies that they can use to take their WordPress websites to the next level in marketing.

Elementor marketing platform comes with every marketing tool that marketers will need, in one WordPress website builder that will turn any marketer’s WordPress website into a marketing machine.

The Elementor team is always releasing updates and users can enjoy 24/7 support if they go with the Pro version.

If you do decide to use the Elementor marketing platform, you will be using a great and up-to-date marketing tool.

To get started with Elementor Pro today, click here!

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