Elementor WooCommerce Widgets: Everything You Need To Know

Elementor WooCommerce widgets are part of Elementor WooCommerce Builder which is used to design and create a single product and archive page templates visually without coding. Elementor WooCommerce widgets make up part of the Elementor advanced widgets library that also includes other widgets such as basic widgets, Pro widgets, and Theme widgets.

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at all the Elementor WooCommerce widgets, their symbols, and functions and by the end of this blog, you should have a better understanding of all the Elementor WooCommerce widgets that the Elementor website builder provides to enable you to create the most beautiful and responsive WordPress WooCommerce online stores.

Elementor WooCommerce Builder


Elementor WooCommerce builder is a feature that enables you to design your single product and archive page visually without having to write a single line of code. This feature is only found in the Elementor Pro package. With eCommerce now the preferred way to shop for most people, Elementor WooCommerce builder can be used to create your ultimate web store with the ultimate customer experience in mind.

Elementor WooCommerce Builder offers users a slew of features which include:

  • Product Page Widgets
  • Store customization features
  • Flexibility
  • Product Showcase widgets

Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

The Elementor WooCommerce widgets are part of Elementor’s widgets elements which can be divided into the following categories:

  • Basic – a category for basic widgets.
  • Pro – A category for advanced widgets.
  • Theme – A category for theme widgets.
  • WooCommerce – A category for WooCommerce widgets.

Elementor WooCommerce widgets include the following:

  • Product Breadcrumbs – This widget allows you to control the product breadcrumb colors and layouts as well as other aspects of your product such as text, alignment, fonts, and much more.
Elementor Product Breadcrumbs WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Title – The Product Title widget lets you design and controls the style and layout of your product title.
Elementor Product Title WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Images – This widget is used to set the product image or images that you want to showcase.
Elementor Product Images WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Price – The Product Price widget is used to display the product price and alter the style to fit your online store.
Elementor Product Price WooCommerce Widget
  • Add To Cart – This widget lets you add an Add To Cart button and also alters the style and layout of the button. This button could also be used to entice visitors to make a purchase.
Elementor Add To Cart WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Rating – The Product Rating widget lets you add a product rating feature that lets shoppers know how your products are rated.
Elementor Product Rating WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Stock – The Product Stock widget lets you adjust the product stock information on your online store.
Elementor Product Stock WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Meta – The Product Meta widget lets you adjust and alter the product metadata.
Elementor Product Meta WooCommerce Widget
  • Short Description – This widget lets you alter and adjust the product’s short description by changing things like color typography and much more.
Elementor Short Description WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Content – The Product Content widget lets you add the full content for your product.
Elementor Product Content WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Data Tabs – The Product Data Tabs widget lets you add product specifications such as dimensions, description, color, and much more.
Elementor Product Data Tabs WooCommerce Widget
  • Additional Information – This widget lets you minimize the time it takes to generate the product details.
Elementor Additional Information WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Related – The Product Related widget is used to give customers an alternative option for what they’re searching for.
Elementor Product Related WooCommerce Widget
  • Upsells – The Upsells widget is mainly used to motivate shoppers to make additional purchases.
Elementor Upsells WooCommerce Widget
  • Products – The Products widget is used to showcase your products and services in the best way possible.
Elementor Products WooCommerce Widget
  • Custom Add To Cart – This widget is used to create an add-to-cart button that fits your product page style and layout.
Elementor Custom Add To Cart WooCommerce Widget
  • WooCommerce Pages – The WooCommerce Pages widget provides the essential WooCommerce elements for the complete online shopping experience.
Elementor Woocommerce Pages WooCommerce Widget
  • Product Categories – The Product Categories widget enables easy navigation for users that want to browse and shop around your online store.
Elementor Product Categories WooCommerce Widget
  • Menu Cart – The Menu Cart widget lets users check what they’ve already added to the cart without exiting their flow on your store.
Elementor Menu Cart WooCommerce Widget


Building the most responsive online eCommerce store is essential in this day and age. Consumers are moving from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores which offer a plethora of advantages such as convenience, same-day delivery, and much more. Creating the best online experience is necessary for any and all online stores to survive.

Elementor WooCommerce widgets give developers and businesses the best tools and features to create the best WordPress eCommerce stores. By using these widgets, you will definitely have an online presence that will stand out from the competition. Elementor WooCommerce Builder is meant to help you create the best WooCommerce online store that WordPress has to offer.

There is no doubt that the Elementor WooCommerce widgets are one of the best and most responsive of any website builder. These are just some of the benefits that Elementor website builder offers. We wish you all the best as you get started on using Elementor WooCommerce widgets in creating your online store.

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