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Crocoblock JetBooking: Everything You Need To Know

Crocoblock JetBooking is a powerful tool used to build powerful WordPress booking websites.

In this article, we will dive deep into why web developers should use this powerful plugin by going through its top features, the pros and cons, and much more.

Crocoblock JetBooking

Crocoblock JetBooking Property Rental

Crocoblock JetBooking is a powerful Elementor plugin for creating and managing WordPress booking websites.

JetBooking is part of Crocoblock’s Jetplugins and is composed of a set of Elementor plugins that offer a wide array of website-building capabilities and functionalities such as JetElements, JetEngine, JetAppointment, JetBlocks, and much more.

There are numerous reasons why developers should be using JetBooking to create their booking websites and they include the following:

Seamless Elementor Integration

Crocoblock JetBooking Car Rental

Elementor is the most popular WordPress website builder and one of the main reasons it has grown popular is that it has a wide range of plugins that offer a wide range of website features.

Crocoblock JetBooking is made to integrate seamlessly with Elementor which means developers will be able to build their booking websites in real-time without having to write a single line of code.

By integrating JeBooking with Elementor, web creators will have the benefit of using all of Elementor’s top features that make it the ultimate WordPress website-building tool.

Advanced Booking Features

Crocoblock JetBooking Hotel Booking

JetBooking offers developers a wide array of booking functionalities that are meant to make booking easier for users.

JetBooking offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing bookings, reservations, and appointments.

By using these tools, developers have complete design freedom to create various booking forms, calendars, and scheduling options to cater to different businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, rental services, and more.

Flexible Pricing Rates

Crocoblock JetBooking Weekend Pricing

JetBooking stands out from other booking plugins by allowing developers to set flexible prices for their website visitors and customers.

Developers will be able to set dynamic pricing rules based on different variables like seasons, time of day, or booking duration.

Moreover, JetBooking goes further by letting developers display real-time availability to users, minimizing conflicts and ensuring a smooth booking experience.

Multiple Booking Types and Services

Crocoblock JetBooking Houses Booking

JetBooking supports a wide range of booking types such as one-time bookings, recurring bookings, and group bookings which in turn makes it highly adaptable for a wide range of businesses.

Developers will also have the capability to create and manage multiple services or rental units within the same website.

Flexible Payment Options

Crocoblock JetBooking Equipment Rental

For most customers, booking an appointment means having to pay the price for the requested service. Having flexible payment options is important for customers as it makes the booking process much more easier and convenient.

JetBooking supports multiple payment gateways, enabling developers to offer diverse payment options to users, ensuring seamless and secure transactions.

Creation of Extensive Booking Forms

Crocoblock JetBooking Booking Forms

JetBooking gives developers complete design freedom to design and build WordPress booking forms. Users can create everything from simple forms to more complex bookings that offer a wide range of booking features.

Some of the extensive booking features that developers will be able to leverage include:

  • Letting clients book the requested items right from their single pages.
  • Getting details with the multi-step third-party services integrated.
  • Use of automatic price calculation for additional bookable services.
  • Incorporate a real-time availability calendar into the booking form.
  • Integrate an extra form with repeater fields to add +1 guest into the main form

Integration With Third-Party Plugins

Crocoblock JetBooking Rental Booking

The Crocoblock Jetbooking plugin offers compatibility with other popular plugins, extending its functionality and possibilities.

Developers will be able to integrate their favorite plugins into JetBooking thus giving their website extra functionality and features during the whole booking process.

Some of the features developers will be able to add include features like email notifications, analytics, e-commerce features, payment functionalities, and much more. Popular add-ons that users can add to JetBooking include WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Paypal, and much more.

Pros and Cons of JetBooking


  • Seamless Elementor Integration.
  • Intuitive admin panel.
  • Flexible payment options for customers.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Integration with third-party tools.
  • Regular updates and support.


  • Works only with Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • Created for WordPress websites only.
  • Some subscription plans might be too pricey.


Crocoblock JetBooking is one of the best booking plugins for WordPress websites. It offers website designers and developers all the necessary tools required to create a fully-fledged booking site.

The JetBooking plugin will also enhance the overall website creation process and developers will have a great tool when creating their booking websites.

You can get started with the Crocoblock JetBooking plugin by clicking here!

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