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Elementor for Marketers: The Ultimate Guide 2022

One of the industries that the Elementor website builder can be used in is the marketing industry. Marketing in the digital is more important than ever as more users are online purchasing and consuming products and services online.

This article will be an in-depth look at how marketers can use the Elementor website builder to create stunning websites that acquire customers and drive sales, the top tools and features that come with this website builder, the pros and cons, and much more.

Elementor For Marketers

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Marketing in the digital age is getting more competitive and complex by the day. Consumers are on their smart devices accessing information and getting their attention is really critical for businesses.

Websites have to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of millions of online users.

One of the ways marketers and developers can stand out and stay ahead of the competition is by using the right tools to create stunning websites.

The Elementor website builder comes with an array of tools and features geared toward helping marketers create the most stunning and responsive WordPress website that captures customers and drives sales.

Elementor’s All-In-One Marketing Platform

Elementor comes with a complete marketing platform that is comprised of a set of tools and features geared toward marketers and agencies with marketing tasks.

Some of the tools and features that marketers will use include the following:

Elementor Live Editor

Elementor Live Editor

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor is the central defining feature of the Elementor website builder.

Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor enables designers and developers to build and customize every part of their website visually without having to write a single line of code.

The live editor enables you to view your websites as you build them. This makes it easy to make edits to your website on the go and thus speeds up the creation process.

The Elementor editor comes with widgets that you can use to create different components within your website. Elementor widgets provide extra functionalities for websites and make them stand out.

With the assistance of the live editor, marketers can build, publish, and manage their marketing landing pages, forms, and popups all from one place and go live in no time!

Expert Landing Pages

Elementor Landing Pages Pic1

Landing pages are critical for marketers as they help convert visitors to leads.

Marketers can use the Elementor website builder to create high-converting landing pages for their WordPress websites using beautiful responsive templates and the live drag-and-drop editor.

Elementor gives marketers the best tools to design their next high-converting landing pages as marketers are able to take advantage of the large array of beautiful templates that are designed to fit different industries.

Elementor Marketing Platform Landing Page Builder1

Elementor also lets marketers add custom forms to their landing pages that their leads will want to fill out. This in turn lets marketers collect critical customer information and integrate it with their preferred marketing tools.

Custom Forms

Elementor Custom Forms Pic1

By using Elementor, marketers will be able to design, create and customize beautiful and responsive WordPress forms.

Marketers can then use their custom forms to collect critical customer information and store it directly in their Elementor account or integrate it with their favorite marketing and CRM tools.

Marketers will find forms for every need and thus will be able to create forms for new leads, newsletter subscriptions, customer feedback, user surveys, event registrations, and much more.

Elementor goes a step further by letting marketers decide what happens after their website visitor hits the “Submit” button. Marketers can decide to send an email notification to their visitor’s inbox, redirect them to a thank you page, display an engaging popup, and much more.

Stunning Popups

Elementor Marketing Platform Popup Builder 4

The main goal for most marketers is to catch the attention of customers. Elementor allows marketers to do this on their website by providing stunning popups that grab the attention of visitors.

Marketers can create beautiful and responsive WordPress website popups within minutes all without having to write a single line of code!

The Elementor popup builder provides a tonne of features that enhances the popup building experience. One feature that the popup builder provides is timing.

Timing is everything and the Elementor popup builder lets you catch your audience’s attention at the right time on the right page. Marketers will be able to set triggers to let their popups show up at the right moment. Some of the triggers that can be set are for page load, click, scroll, page Exit Intent, scroll to element, or after inactivity.

The Elementor popup builder comes with an ever-growing selection of designer-made popups templates that are focused on grabbing the user’s attention and cover a large array of areas such as:

  • Lead Capture
  • Email Subscription
  • Promotion/Sales
  • Welcome Back/Login
  • Content Lock
  • Exit Intent
  • Announcements
  • Welcome Mat
  • Related Products/Upsells

Elementor Marketing Kits

Elementor Workflow Full Website Kits Workflow

Elementor marketing kits are composed of over 100 designer-made website kits that are meant to fit any industry.

Marketers and marketing agencies can choose from a variety of designer-made landing pages, popups, website pages, and page blocks, built for every marketing need.

The Elementor marketing kits are meant to enable marketers to kick-start their marketing websites in minutes and customize them according to their needs.

Integration of Marketing and CRM Tools

Elementor Dynamic Layouts

Elementor allows marketers to seamlessly integrate their favorite marketing tools to enhance their websites.

Marketers can integrate all kinds of marketing tools and plugins such as:

  • Email Marketing – marketers can grow their audience and send new leads from their website straight to their preferred marketing tool.
  • Media & Social Networks – by using Elementor, marketers will be able to expand their marketing strategy and share content with their audience on social media.
  • Analytics & Optimization – data is critical and by using Elementor, marketers will be able to utilize information about their website’s audience to optimize their experience and increase conversions.
  • SEO plugins – Elementor websites are built for optimal speed and performance that is meant to make your website stand out in search engines. Marketers will be able to integrate popular SEO plugins like Yoast and RankMath.

Pros and Cons of Elementor for Marketers


  • Marketers can turn visitors into customers by using engaging Elementor features like landing pages, popups, and marketing kits.
  • Elementor seamlessly lets marketers integrate with best-in-market CRMs, marketing integrations, and third-party tools. 
  • Marketers can create stunning websites within minutes by using the Elementor drag-and-drop live editor.
  • By using the Elementor marketing platform, marketers can develop lasting ROI-positive relationships with customers using contact forms, sign-up forms, newsletter subscription forms, and even complex multistep user surveys.
  • By using Elementor, marketers get to join the huge Elementor developer community which means enjoying tons of tutorials and useful materials, community support, and a stable platform on which to build a future.


  • Most of the marketing features are available with Elementor Pro only.
  • Some Elementor Pro pricing plans may be too pricey for some users.


Elementor offers a great platform for marketers to create beautiful and stunning WordPress websites that will help convert visitors to customers.

With the vast array of tools and features that come with this amazing website builder, marketers will be able to gain an edge over their competitors.

To get started with Elementor, you can click here!

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