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Why Crocoblock JetElements Is One Of The Best Elementor Widgets Addons

Crocoblock JetElements is one of the most popular widget add-ons for the Elementor website builder. Crocoblock JetElements contains basic widgets that designers and developers can use to create stunning and the most responsive WordPress websites today!

This article will look into the Crocoblock JetElements add-ons by looking at all the main widgets, features, functionalities, and much more.

Crocoblock JetElements

Crocoblock JetElements Sample 2

Crocoblock JetElements are basic widgets made for the Elementor website builder and are used to create WordPress websites. JetElements are one of the key JetPlugins made by Crocoblock for Elementor and are one of the key features that make Crocoblock one of the best add-ons for the Elementor website builder.

JetElements provides a wide array of widgets that provide different features across different website functionalities such as content organization, displaying WooCommerce products, designing and displaying download buttons, and much more.

JetElements Widgets


Crocoblock JetElements is composed of more than 40 basic widgets that can be used with Elementor to design and create your WordPress website. Widgets represent individual elements of a web page such as heading, image, text editor, divider, etc.

Widgets make up the building blocks of the Elementor website builder. The Crocoblock JetElements is similar to the Elementor basic widgets by offering advanced design customization for designers and developers to create the most stunning and responsive WordPress websites.

Crocoblock JetElements widgets include the following:

  • Countdown timer widget for Elementor – The JetElements Countdown timer widget is used to add a countdown timer to your website. You can add different timers to achieve different strategies such as marketing timers, special deals timers, and much more.
Crocoblock JetElements Countdown Timer Widget
JetElements Counter Timer Widget

  • Bar Chart – The Bar Chart widget allows you to showcase important data in a flashy bar chart way, illustrating comparisons among discrete categories.
Crocoblock JetElements Bar Chart
JetElements Bar Chart Widget 2

  • Interactive Animated Box Widget – This widget lets you make your website catchy with spectacular Scratch, Peel, and other interactive effects to draw visitors’ attention to your site!
Crocoblock JetElements Interactive Animated Box
JetElements Interactive Animated Box Widget

  • Section Parallax – This widget lets you apply parallax effects to any element on your website. You can create multiple layers and assign a stand-alone effect to each.
Crocoblock JetElements Section Parallax
JetElements Section Parallax

  • WooCommerce Products widget – The WooCommerec Products widget lets you display WooCommerce products in the easiest way possible on your WooCommerce WordPress store.
Crocoblock JetElements WooCommerce Products
JetElements WooCommerce Products Widget

  • Top Products Widget – This widget lets you add the most popular products that have the highest rating according to customer reviews to the pages built with Elementor.
Crocoblock JetElements Top Products Widgets
JetElements Top Products Widget

  • Best Sellers – This widget is used to display the best-selling products on your WooCommerce store.
Crocoblock JetElements Best Sellers
JetElements Best Sellers

  • Sale Products Widget – The WooCommerce Sale Products widget is used to showcase the WooCommerce products on sale on your online store.
Crocoblock JetElements Sale Products Widget
JetElements Sales Products Widget

  • Featured Products Widget – The Featured Products widget is used to promote specific items on your WooCommerce store.
Crocoblock JetElements Featured Products Widget
JetElements Featured Products Widget

  • Recent Products Widget – This widget is used to add the recent WooCommerce products to your eCommerce products page.
Crocoblock JetElements Recent Products Widget
JetElements Recent Products Widget

  • Download Button Widget – This widget is used to design, and customize buttons, put them on your website, and allow your visitors to download materials you provide.
Crocoblock JetElements Custom Post Grid
JetElements Download Button Widget

  • Weather Widget – This widget lets you provide your visitors with current weather conditions for 7 days, showing the weather details, such as country name, precipitation, and wind speed.
Crocoblock JetElements Weather Widget
JetElements Weather Widget

  • Contact Form 7 Widget – This widget lets you allow your visitors to get in touch with you via the contact form and increase your sales.
Crocoblock JetElements Contact Form 7 Widget
JetElements Contact Form 7 Widget

  • Button Widget – The Button widget lets you be able to place highly customizable link buttons on your website in no time.
Crocoblock JetElements Button Widget
JetElements Button Widget

  • Instagram Feed – The Instagram feed widget is used to display tagged photos or ones from your profile on your webpage.
Crocoblock JetElements Instagram Feed
JetElements Instagram Feed

  • Subscription Form Widget – This widget lets you add the MailChimp subscribe form to your website to let your visitors input an e-mail and subscribe to the newsletter in the easiest way possible.
Crocoblock JetElements Subscription Form Widget
JetElements Subscription Form Widget

  • Drop bar Widget – This widget can be used if you need to show a short piece of information, a menu, or whatever content you need on your page compactly.
Crocoblock JetElements Dropbar Widget
JetElements Dropbar Widget

  • Custom Post Grid – This widget lets you display posts as a posts carousel, posts slider, or posts grid.
Crocoblock JetElements Custom Post Grid
JetElements Custom Post Grid

  • Images Grid Layout – With this widget, you can add versatile images and photos choosing an appropriate layout for demonstrating them.
Crocoblock JetElements Images Grid Layout
JetElements Image Grid Layout

  • Banner Widget – This widget is a great option for displaying images with necessary text and link elements with stylish animation effects.
Crocoblock JetElements Banner Widget
JetElements Banner Widget

  • Image Comparison Slider – The Image Comparison Slider lets you compare two pieces of media in a convenient way.
Crocoblock JetElements Image Comparison Slider
JetElements Image Comparison Slider

  • Advanced Carousel Widget – This widget is used to create magnificent image carousels to display images in the form of a slider with multiple items using pagination or navigation elements.
Crocoblock JetElements Advanced Carousel Widget
JetElements Advanced Carousel Widget

  • Slider – Use the slider widget to post eye-catching pictures with titles, descriptions, and link buttons on each of them to attract the visitors’ attention.
Crocoblock JetElements Slider
JetElements Slider

  • Portfolio Gallery Widget – This widget lets you showcase images by the categories in the form of a stylish portfolio selecting multiple layouts and preset forms.
Crocoblock JetElements Portfolio Gallery Widget
JetElements Portfolio Gallery Widget

  • Pricing Table – This widget can be used to present your pricing plans in an easy-to-digest format to help your customers make informed purchasing decisions.
Crocoblock JetElements Pricing Table
JetElements Pricing Table

  • Services Widget – This widget is used to showcase the services provided by your company. The Services widget lets you manage the service title, and description and use a lot of different style settings.
Crocoblock JetElements Services Widget
JetElements Services Widget

  • Headline Widget – The Headline widget lets you use various headlines on your page to emphasize sections and highlight your content.
Crocoblock JetElements Headline Widget
JetElements Headline Widget

  • Advanced Map – This widget is used to set pins on a map to help your visitor determine the exact location of your office or any other place you want.
Crocoblock JetElements Advanced Map

  • Elementor Audio Player – The Elementor Audio Player widget allows embedding audio tracks into pages in an easy way and provides a huge set of style settings.
Crocoblock JetElements Elementor Audio Player
JetElements Elementor Audio Player

  • Horizontal Timeline – The Horizontal Timeline widget lets your visitors know about the events and projects on your website.
Crocoblock JetElements Horizontal Timeline
JetElements Horizontal Timeline

  • Testimonials – The Testimonials widget can be used to demonstrate value through on-topic customer reviews and leverage social proof to striking effect.
Crocoblock JetElements Testimonials
JetElements Testimonials

  • Responsive Tables – This widget lets you create a table and place any content in the cells, rows, and columns to add the schedule or the list to your web pages.
Crocoblock JetElements Responsive Tables
JetElements Responsive Tables

  • Video Player – The Video Player widget lets you add and configure YouTube service videos without copying HTML code and editing scripts.
Crocoblock JetElements Video Player
JetElements Video Player

  • Price List Widget – This widget lets you display prices in the form of a beautiful price list to showcase the pricing information of products.
Crocoblock JetElements Price List Widget
JetElements Price List Widget

  • Team Member – The Team Member widget lets you garner attention to your team by allowing you to create impeccable layouts to display the staff.
Crocoblock JetElements Team Member
JetElements Team Member

  • Vertical Timeline Widget – This widget lets you display events vertically on your pages by allowing you to add content, including icons, imagery, and descriptions.
Crocoblock JetElements Vertical Timeline Widget
JetElements Vertical Timeline Widget

  • Circle Progress Bar – This widget lets you showcase the progress in the form of an attractive animation with a classic or gradient fill and background options.
Crocoblock JetElements Circle Progress Bar
JetElements Circle Progress Bar

  • Animated Text Widget – This widget can be used to add headings that capture your visitor’s attention whenever it’s needed with breathtaking animation effects for your text.
Crocoblock JetElements Animated Text Widget
JetElements Animated Text Widget

  • Animated Flip Box – This widget is used to showcase the important content on both sides of an animated flip box, insert links and icons, and use different animation styles.
Crocoblock JetElements Animated Flip Box
JetElements Animated Flip Box 2

  • Pie Chart Widget – This widget is used to demonstrate information in a circular graph illustrating numerical proportions.
Crocoblock JetElements Pie Chart Widget
JetElements Pie Chart Widget

  • Progress Bar Widget – This widget can be used to add stylish animated progress bars on your website to display the progress values in the most appealing way.
Crocoblock JetElements Progress Bar Widget
JetElements Progress Bar Widget

  • Scroll Navigation – The Scroll Navigation widget is used in order to make navigation on your website easier.
Crocoblock JetElements Scroll Navigation
JetElements Scroll Navigation

  • Inline SVG – This widget enables you to use SVG format for logos, background images, buttons, maps, diagrams, and pictures.
Crocoblock JetElements Inline SVG
JetElements Inline SVG

  • Logo Showcase Widget – This widget can be used to showcase your brand to guarantee the quality, assure product recognition for customers, increase your sales and inspire reliability.
Crocoblock JetElements Logo Showcase Widget
JetElements Logo Showcase Widget

Crocoblock JeElements Pricing

Crocoblock JetElements is available in two pricing plans. You can purchase JetElements as a stand-alone JetPlugin for $43 per year. You can also get JetElements in the Crocoblock All-Inclusive set for $199 per year. Crocoblock offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Crocoblock JetElements Pricing Plan

The Pros and Cons Of Crocoblock JetElements


  • Works seamlessly with Elementor website builder.
  • An extensive array of widgets that cover different design needs.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Large developer community.


  • Works only with the Elementor website builder.
  • Might be a bit too pricey for some users.


Crocoblock JetElements is one of the best plugins available in JetPlugins. JetElements give designers and designers some of the best basic widgets that can be used to display content and create eCommerce stores. Users of the JetElements plugin can rest assured that they will be using a great tool combined with the power of the Elementor website builder to create some of the most stunning and responsive WordPress websites.

To get started with JetElements, click here!

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