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Making Sense Of Elementor Pro New Pricing Model and Plans

There have been lots of talks lately among the WordPress community about Elementor page builder. This is primarily due to Elementor announcing their new Elementor Pro pricing plans. As of March 9th, 2021, Elementor will be introducing new subscription plans for its customers. This announcement has developers trying to make sense as to how the new pricing plans fit into their own plans going forward.

In this blog, we will try and make sense as to what the new Elementor Pro pricing plans mean for existing customers as well as new customers. We will take an in-depth look at the new packages introduced and the features that the Elementor team has incorporated into the different subscription plans.

By the end of this blog, we hope to give developers a clear view of the new Elementor Pro pricing plans and the best information possible to help you make the best-informed decision going forward. 

Why Exactly Is This Such A Big Deal?

Elementor Pros’ new pricing plans are very significant due to the fact that Elementor is one of the most used WordPress plugins. For starters, Elementor has grown over the years to become the leading WordPress page builder. This means plenty of developers and designers use Elementor to create their websites. Elementor gives web creators two options when using this page builder, there’s the Free plan and the Pro plan. Before 9th March 2021, the Pro version came in three plans, but after 9th March there will be five plans.

This means developers using the Pro plans of Elementor will greatly be affected by these new pricing plans. Numerous questions have been swirling as to how these new pricing plans will affect those already using an existing plan and how they can adjust to the new changes.  

Elementor has stressed that these changes came about so as to best accommodate the evolving needs of users. The Elementor team has stated that Elementot has grown from being a modest page builder into a comprehensive website building platform. Thus, there was a growing need to update the pricing model of Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro New Pricing Plans

For years, Elementor has offered two main plans for users of their page builder. These two plans are

  • Elementor Free.
  • Elementor Pro.

The difference between the Free and the Pro comes down to the features that are offered. The Elementor Free plan offers the following features:

  • Drag and Drop Editor.
  • Responsive Editing.
  • 40+ Basic Widgets.
  • 30+ Basic templates.

The Elementor team has stressed that the Free version will not be changed at all. This means users will still continue to use Elementor Free with all the features it includes.

Elementor Pro is where the new pricing plans will affect users. Before the new pricing plans, Elementor Pro was offered in three plans. These plans were personal, plus and expert.

The new Elementor pricing plan introduces two new subscription plans, Studio, and Agency. Elementor will also be adapting the expert plan which they say will best accommodate users’ growing needs. The new pricing plan will therefore have five plans for developers. These include essential, advanced, expert, studio, and agency.

Elementor Pro New Subscription Plans

Elementor’s goal is to provide different pricing plans to meet the different needs of their users. One of the needs that the Elementor team has noticed is that of teams. It’s no secret that nowadays in our day-to-day work teams are becoming ever more common and companies are embracing the idea now more than ever. So why shouldn’t web development follow the same route?

This is probably one of the main reasons that the Elementor team has tried to stress that their pricing model had to change to adapt to the current times. With technology changing so fast by the minute, companies have to adapt or get left behind.

So, What’s New in Elementor Pro Pricing Plan and Models?

As we mentioned earlier, there are two new pricing plans that have been introduced by Elementor. These two new plans that Elementor states are designed for bigger teams and for users with a large client base include Studio ($499/ year for up to 100 sites), and Agency ($999/ year for up to 1,000 sites).

The new plans give users access to:

  • VIP Support – 24/7 live chat.
  • Team access to support (Studio up to 5 members, Agency up to 10 members) to enable efficiency in your workflow.
  • Tailor-made, relevant content starting with 100+ additional website kits – Elementor states that these features will be coming soon in 2021.
  • Will allow you to open a profile on Elementor’sExperts network (open to Expert, Studio and Agency plans) to create new business opportunities.

The Elementor team has further stated that these plans will get extended services in the future such as third-party tools suitable for teams.

What’s Changing and What’s Staying the Same?

There are a few things that will remain the same such as:

  • All current users with an active Pro subscription will keep the same terms for that subscription.
  • Personal and Plus plans will remain the same in terms of price and service. They will be renamed Essential and Advanced respectively.

The thing that will be changing will be:

  • Expert plans, purchased after March 9th, 2021 for $199 / year, will now support up to 25 sites.


The new Elementor pricing plans are for sure certain to affect many users. Some people may feel turned off by these new plans while others may feel the new plans are justified. Most if not all users will have to adjust to these new changes.

From a business point of view, Elementor had to adapt to the changing business climate to incorporate the team aspect in their products. The technology landscape is changing and change is always inevitable. Hopefully, Elementor continues to produce more features and tools to make the web design process easier and more enjoyable.

If you do decide to use Elementor, choose the one that’s most suitable for your needs. Remember Elementor gives you the flexibility to always upgrade to another plan if you need to. Whichever plan you go for, we wish you the best in your journey with Elementor!

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