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Elementor For Web Designers: The Ultimate WordPress Web Creation Platform

The Elementor website builder is a platform that is used by WordPress website designers to create the most stunning and responsive websites.

This blog post will be an in-depth analysis of what makes the Elementor website builder the ultimate platform for web designers to create their WordPress websites. We will take a look at the top features and tools it offers, the pros and cons, and much more.

Web Design Industry

Elementor for Website Design1

The web design industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative in the world. Everyone from companies both large, medium, and small, government institutions, educational institutions, and even professional individuals all have their own dedicated websites.

Having an online presence is essential for consumers to take businesses and professional individuals seriously in today’s digital economy. Websites enable companies, institutions, and professionals to relay relevant information to their customers and clients both locally and worldwide.

This is why web designers are in so high demand today. Getting your website right is a make or break for businesses and individuals and web designers have to factor this when designing and creating websites for clients or even themselves.

The Elementor website builder comes with top-notch tools and features that are meant to give web designers all they need to create the most stunning and responsive WordPress websites.


Elementor for Website Design2

The Elementor website builder is the perfect tool for web designers to create WordPress websites that stand out. Elementor provides the ultimate platform for web creators to visually design and create their dream websites with absolutely no coding involved.

Elementor comes with a plethora of tools and features that will enable web developers to achieve perfection and combine pixel-perfect designs with spotless usability. This has made Elementor the most popular WordPress website builder among WordPress website developers as there are numerous reasons why web creators should make it their default website builder.

Elementor Live Editor

Elementor for Web Design Live Editor2

The drag-and-drop live editor is the defining feature of the Elementor website builder. Elementor lets developers design and create their websites by employing the drag-and-drop technique.

The Elementor drag-and-drop editor comes with tools and features that make it stand out that. These features include:

Live Editing

The Elementor live editor lets web creators view their websites as they build them. This makes it easy for them to make edits to their websites on the go and thus speeds up the creation process.

The Elementor live editor offers web creators the following tools and functionalities:

  • The editor enables developers to customize everything and anything on your website easily and directly.
  • Drag and drop functionalities make the design process easier and faster.
  • Full site editing allows web creators to design their entire site from one screen, including their header, footer, and content.
  • The finder feature is a handy search window that lets creators go from one place to another within their site.
  • The revision history feature lets web creators trace back to their previous steps in case an update was made.
  • The global colors and fonts feature ensures consistency across websites by allowing web creators to set global colors and fonts from one place within the editor and apply them anywhere on their site.
  • The responsive design feature enables web creators to adjust their website’s style layout for every screen.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Elementor Custom Positioning

The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor lets web creators create their dream websites with responsive design, custom positioning for all site elements, and global fonts and colors.

Custom Positioning – Elementor’s drag-and-drop live editor lets users position elements perfectly within their websites. With the drag-and-drop editor, users get full flexibility over their layouts and go off-grid with Fixed or Absolute Position.

Global Colors and Typography – The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor lets web creators ensure there’s consistency across their website by setting color codes and typographies, all in one place.

Margins and Paddings – The Elementor drag-and-drop live editor lets web creators seamlessly adjust their margins and padding. Creators can go as far as creating complex layouts with overlapping sections, and much more.

Elementor Live Editor Widgets

Elementor Live Editor Widgets1

Elementor widgets represent individual elements of a web page such as a heading, image, text editor, divider, and much more.

Elementor comes with 90+ widgets that can be divided into four main categories:

  • Basic Widgets – Elementor basic widgets offer the most basic and common elements that web designers need to get started in building a website.
  • Pro Widgets – Elementor Pro widgets come with Elementor Pro and come with more than 50+ Pro widgets that offer increased customization.
  • Theme Widgets – Elementor theme widgets are located in the Theme Builder which lets website designers customize every aspect of their WordPress website without having to write a single line of code.
  • WooCommerce Widgets – Elementor WooCommerce widgets are comprised of website WooCommerce elements that are meant to create the ultimate WooCommerce store.

Elementor Creative Solutions For Various Industries

Different industries have a certain style of website that is meant to cater to their audience. Getting their website right is a make-or-break for shareholders in their respective industries as it’s key to making an impression on their customers.

Elementor offers a slew of creative solutions for any industry that web designers can leverage to make their WordPress websites stand out.

Some of the industries that Elementor offers creative solutions include:


Elementor for Technology

Business and Services

Elementor for Business & Services

Portfolio and CV

Elementor for Portfolio & CV


Elementor for eCommerce


Elementor for Creative Industry

Events and Entertainment

Elementor for Events & Entertainment

Media and Blogs

Elementor for Media & Blogs


Elementor for Education

Landing Pages

Elementor for Landing Pages

By leveraging one of these solutions, web designers can create stunning and responsive WordPress websites that make a great impression on potential clients and customers.

Elementor Show-Stopping Features

Elementor has plenty of features that will make your WordPress websites stand out and make an instant impression on your site visitors.

The show-stopping features that web designers can use with the Elementor website builder include the following:


Elementor for Web Design Masks

The Elementor mask feature lets web designers turn any element on their website, like images, videos, or Google Maps, into unique shapes.

Elementor also lets web designers upload their own SVG files for complete customization.

Custom Fonts

Elementor for Web Design Custom Fonts

With Elementor, web designers can add their own fonts to the website builder and achieve total brand consistency.

Elementor also lets designers simply connect Adobe Fonts on their website and implement it on their websites.

Text Paths

Elementor for Web Design Text Paths

With Elementor, web designers can use the Text Paths feature which lets creators design unique text paths with built-in shapes like Wave, Arc, Oval, Circle, or Spiral, or upload custom shapes for full design control.

Lotti Animations

Elementor for Web Design Lotti Animation

Elementor lets web designers include any interactive Lottie animation and control its behavior.

The Elementor website builder is built so that any animation will not affect the developer’s page performance.

Transform on Hover

Elementor for Web Design Transform on Hover

The CSS Transform feature can be used to increase the interactivity of a website and leave an impression on website users.

The Elementor CSS Transform feature helps in increasing user engagement by transforming elements upon hover.

Web designers can manipulate web elements by making them rotate, skew, offset, scale or flip.

Elementor Animations

The Elementor website builder lets web creators create advanced animation effects to impress their visitors with interactive features and animations that will help them tell a captivating story on their website.

The animation effects that Elementor lets web designers use include features like Scrolling effects, Mouse Effects, Lottie Animations, and Transform on Hover.

Elementor Advanced Designs

The Elementor website builder is made to be used in creating the most advanced WordPress website designs that will make websites stand out.

Elementor gives web designers full creative freedom by letting them customize every aspect of their website and elevate the designs on every screen size.

The Elementor workflow comes with some of the best tools and features that enable designers and developers to create stunning and beautiful WordPress websites that stand out from start to finish.

Some of the features that web designers will use Elementor website builder include:

Custom Positioning

Elementor for Web Design Custom Positioning

Positioning elements on websites is one of the most important design practices that every web designer must know and implement to create stunning and responsive websites.

The Elementor website builder gives web designers full flexibility in their website layouts and they can also go off-grid with Fixed or Absolute Position.

Elementor lets web designers drag each element where they want it to appear on the page thus providing full design freedom.

Custom Breakpoints

Elementor for Web Design Custom Breakpoints

Elementor lets web designers create pixel-perfect designs for up to 7 devices to ensure their website is perfect on any screen.

Web designers can customize each breakpoint on their website without adding a single line of code.

Web designers get full design flexibility while using the Elementor website builder as they get to control each breakpoint value individually and customize them to fit their needs.

Designer-Made Templates

Elementor Marketing Platform Marketing Kits1

One of the best features that Elementor offers to web designers is a large array of designer-made templates.

Web designers will be able to build their website pages with hundreds of ready-made designed kits and wireframes.

The designer-made templates are designed to fit every need, are fully customizable, and are always responsive.

SEO Optimized

Elementor for Web Design SEO Optimized

The Elementor website builder ensures that every website is built for optimal speed and performance thus ensuring that the website stands out in search engine results.

Websites need to stand out in search engine results which makes it easier for websites to get visitors and the Elementor website builder makes sure that this process is achieved during the design process.

Elementor also allows for integration with popular SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rankmath.

Elementor Pros and Cons


  • Drag and Drop live editor that lets you build a WordPress website in minutes.
  • Live editor that lets developers view their design in real-time.
  • Elementor website Kits let developers jump-start their website by providing a large array of templates that cover various industries.
  • Elementor widgets provide users with endless design possibilities.
  • Elementor’s advanced website creation gives developers complete control over the web design process.
  • Elementor has a large developer community which means large community support.
  • Elementor offers a free version of the website builder.


  • Some of the Elementor Pro pricing plans may be too steep for some users.
  • Elementor Free is limited in the tools and features when compared to Elementor Pro.
  • For more advanced tools and features, developers have to upgrade to Elementor Pro.


The Elementor website builder is the perfect tool that is made specifically for web designers looking to create the best and most responsive WordPress websites.

The Elementor team has gone above and beyond to create the best tools and features that greatly enhance the web development process.

Web designers who choose to go with the Elementor website builder will have a great website building tool that offers a flawless user experience as well as enjoy a great support community and even collaborate with other web designers.

To get started with Elementor, click here!

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